There has been an increase in attempts to hack into this website, we get alerted when you attempt, and then your IP address is blocked. All IP addresses and website data is logged, attempts to repeatedly hack the site are reported to the cyber crime authorities in the state concerned, the worst offenders are from (in order of attempts)

  1. The United States of America
  2. The Peoples Republic of China
  3. Russia
  4. India
  5. South Korea
  6. United Kingdom

Judging from the WHOIS data, the biggest culprits are state players – seriously, do you have nothing else to do with taxpayers money? However, there are a lot of IP addresses that relate to corporations, some are very large internet services companies – sort out your cyber security or stop your staff abusing their position, whichever is most appropriate.

We are fed up with up to 300 emails every day telling us how sad and useless you are – what kind of moron leaves the login name as admin and their password as ADMIN or Administration – if you do that, you deserve to be hacked – the fact is my username is changed every time I login to something randomly generated by my PC – it is extremely long and made up of a random set of icons etc – a supercomputer would require several hundred thousand years to discern what it is – then the password uses a very seriously high level encryption, again, is randomly changed when I log in, the system emails me the new one time use password via secure and encrypted email – then I have to use a second level of authentication via phone to actually login.

Please, stop wasting your time and my patience.


Thank you.

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