Podcasts and Youtube Channels

There are a lot of podcasts and Youtube channels about space, astronomy and science in general, some are very good, some are mediocre and some are downright dangerous in their opinions and not based on any real science at all, often illinformed opinions – we can all have these, but publishing them as if they are real science is dangerous – we see this with the discussions about the recent pandemic and climate science, two subject I will be avoiding like the plague.

Depending on your interest and knowledge level, different podcasts are likely to appeal or not, I personally like the more indepth type, that discusses the big topic and get technical, but I am happy to listen to those who are informative and strike a balance for their listeners, here will add in my favourites as I listen to them.

Universe Today

Published by the enimitable Fraser Cain, he writes a newletter that goes out each week, he write it all himself and it is very informative. Fraser has a team of science writers who help with the Universe Today site and the articles published are of a high standard and great examples of what science journalism should be.

Fraser also has a great Youtube Channel where he does a great Question and answer session every Monday at 17:00hrs Pacific daylight Time (I’m in the UK so I never catch it live due to work), but the most interesting part of Fraser’s channel must be his interviews, he interviews some outstanding guests, ranging from astronomers and researcher most have never heard of, to household names and some of the great thinkers of our time. These really are epic interviews, they are informative, sometimes funny, always relaxed and if you are like me, you will listen to them more than once in case you missed anything.

Universe Today/ Frasers Youtube channel are my favourite site online without a doubt – when it comes to astronomy, relevent, fresh, informed and not opinionated. If you really like what Fraser and the team at Universe Today do, you can support them by becoming a Patreon at their Patreon Site

The Big Think

This is not just a site about space, this covers all science topics, but it has some excellent articles about all things related to space, from the technology to the science and including the people. If you love science, you will love The Big Think.

Here you will also find the blog of the eccentric, but brilliant, entertaining and outstanding theoretical astrophysicist Dr Ethan Seigel, “Starts with a Bang“. I have only just started reading this after watching several interviews with Ethan by Fraser on his Youtube channel – great listening whilst in the gym trying to remove middle age spread – but these articles are some of the best science communication I have encountered outside of peer reviewed articles. If Ethan were not from the Bronks, he is that eccentric that I would swear he was from England, but he is what we all picture “mad scientists” to be  -in the good way though – you will love his writings and his interviews.

Here are a couple of his interviews.

12th September 2023.

Interview with Fraser Cain

21st march 2023.

The Cartesian Cafe with Timothy Nguyen

Astronomy Cast

This is a podcast by Fraser Cain and Dr Pamela Gay, really fun, really informative and very interesting.

Stories By Williams

Matthew Williams is a science Journalist, communicator and hard Sci-Fi auther. You will find some really interesting information and podcasts on his site.